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Maximum Delegates:

Course Duration:
3 hours

Open Course: £60 pp
Group Booking: £320 group of 6


A fully immersive journey into the world of the elderly and a range of conditions usually associated with - but not always limited to - old age.

Gain first-hand experience of what it might be like to live with some of these conditions and impairments by using our age simulation suit (GERT suit). 

Other equipment includes:
Knee pain simulator
Kyphosis simulator
COPD simulator
Tremor simulator
Tinnitus simulator
Hemiparesis simulator
Back Pain simulator

Full Details

After this course, you’ll have a better appreciation and understanding of the behaviour of elderly people.
In particular, the GERT age simulation suit contains components that interact to deliver effects that are very similar to the impairments of the sensomotoric skills in old age. 

The age-related walk and different grip ability can be closely simulated, and the increased mental load and movement can also be experienced via the suit. 

•  Opacity of the eye lens
•  Narrowing of the visual field
•  High-frequency hearing loss
•  Head mobility restrictions
•  Joint stiffness
•  Loss of strength
•  Reduced grip ability
•  Reduced coordination skills

Course Dates

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